Long Sleeve Pull-Over Tops with a Spoon Neck, a unique and stylish addition to your wardrobe. These tops feature long sleeves, a comfortable pull-over design, and a captivating diagonal layering of cloth that extends from the left shoulder to the right side of the body.  The long sleeves provide coverage and warmth, making these tops suitable for cooler seasons or whenever you desire an extra layer of comfort. Whether you wear them down or roll them up, the long sleeves offer versatility and a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

The spoon neck design adds a flattering and elegant touch to the tops. It frames the neckline beautifully, enhancing your collarbones and creating a feminine look. The classic and versatile spoon neck style complements various body types and can be easily accessorized for different occasions.  The standout feature of these tops is the diagonal layering of cloth. Starting from the left shoulder, the layers extend diagonally across the body, providing a visually interesting and dynamic element to the design. This unique detail adds depth and dimension to the tops, making them truly eye-catching.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these tops offer both comfort and durability. The fabric is soft against the skin, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience.   These Long Sleeve Pull-Over Tops with a Spoon Neck and diagonal layers of cloth can be paired with various bottoms, from jeans to skirts or trousers, allowing for versatile styling options. Dress them up with statement accessories and heels for a chic and sophisticated look, or dress them down with leggings and boots for a more casual yet stylish ensemble.  Experience the style and uniqueness of Long Sleeve Pull-Over Tops with a Spoon Neck, featuring a captivating diagonal layering of cloth. Embrace the modern design and enjoy the comfort and versatility these tops offer. Elevate your fashion game with these statement pieces that combine style, comfort, and a touch of intrigue.

Length 65cm Bust 54cm

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