Long Sleeve Tops, a perfect blend of comfort, style, and versatility. These tops feature knit patterns and knit fabric patterns around the neck, shoulders, and over the chest, creating a visually appealing and fashionable design.  The knit patterns around the neck and shoulders add a touch of texture and detail to the tops. They showcase a meticulous attention to craftsmanship, elevating the overall look and making these tops stand out from the crowd. The combination of different knit patterns creates a unique and eye-catching aesthetic that adds a stylish element to your outfit.  Additionally, the knit fabric patterns over the chest area enhance the visual appeal of the tops. These patterns add depth and dimension to the design, making them a focal point and drawing attention to the upper body. The interplay between these patterns and the knit textures creates a sophisticated and fashionable look.

One practical feature of these tops is the elastic wrist band on the long sleeves. This elastic band ensures a snug and comfortable fit around the wrists, keeping the sleeves in place and adding a subtle detail to the overall design. It also allows for easy adjustment and versatility in styling, whether you prefer a full-length or slightly pushed-up sleeve.  These tops offer a cozy and comfortable wearing experience. The long sleeves provide warmth during cooler seasons. The versatility of these tops allows for easy pairing with your favorite bottoms, making them suitable for various occasions and seasons.  Experience the perfect combination of style and comfort with Long Sleeve Tops. The knit patterns and knit fabric patterns around the neck, shoulders, and over the chest create a visually appealing and fashionable look. Embrace their versatility and elevate your fashion game with these eye-catching and trendy tops that are perfect for any occasion.

Bust 53cm Length 60cm

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